As a dedicated innovator, I thrive on exploring new technologies both personally and professionally. My process starts with experimentation, leading to groundbreaking ideas. Once these ideas mature, I build a talented team to scale our innovations for enterprise success.


    Connect AI models to build AI apps in minutes, with no-code

    A hackathon-winner. Generative AI project that lets users build and distribute Gen AI apps with no code

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  • Jinny AI

    Gen AI interface for human-robot interaction

    A PoC, voice and speech enabled robot interface powered by ChatGPT and ElevenLabs to achieve human-like conversations

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  • JibeWith

    Writing online media content made simple with A.I. 🤩

    AI-assisted content creation tool that jibes with users’ target demographics.

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  • Fresh Labs

    In addition to building and deploying cutting-edge web apps and experiences, we share and talk about all things emerging tech in the Generative AI, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Web3, and more.

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  • Zapiary

    Zapiary helps teams to manage tasks, automate processes, and keep track of professional connections in one digital workspace.

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  • Invent Value

    Invent Value is a collaborative innovation platform that empowers organizations to tap the mindshare of their people for gathering diverse input, generating new ideas, and evaluating possible solutions to complex challenges.

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  • Deal IQ

    Deal IQ is a simple way for CBRE brokers to organize and prioritize client data, prospects, notes, tasks, and more.

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Innovation Process

4-step process to ensure your innovation vision comes to a fruition


Discover Opportunities

Brainstorming sessions in order to take their needs and company goals into account. Define the scope and objectives of the project and lays a fundamental foundation for everything that comes after.


Design Concepts

Gather additional information about the ideal client, market opportunities and design sprint. Getting direct feedback from users themselves through user surveys and field activities.


Prototype & Test

Define the user experience, test and evaluate design concepts, and analyze how your designs will inform behavior and effect the experience of the user.


Deploy & Evaluate

Determine design patterns, elements of template pages, different framework options, and work with developers to test design functionality.