Zapiary helps teams manage tasks, automate processes, and keep track of professional connections in one digital workspace.

Zapiary Screenshot


  • Elisha Terada – Co-Founder
  • Dustin Johnson – Co-Founder


  • 2017 – 2019


My co-founder Dustin and I met while working together to build a suite of sales and client care products for CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services company. We both saw a need for a simple product to help teams without enterprise resources find, communicate with, and care for clients. The existing tools were too complicated, expensive, and time consuming. So we started Zapiary, a communication management platform that helps small businesses more efficiently communicate and collaborate with customers.

Key Contributions

As a Co-Founder, I was responsible for Strategy, Software Engineering, Mobile App Development, Branding, and UI/UX Design of our services.

Designed and developed cohesive Web apps, iOS applications, and an Outlook Add-in of a core Zapiary service.

Rapidly iterated over business opportunities and tested them against the market with high-def interactive design mock-ups.

Critically analyzed customer feedback, user behaviors, and legal ramifications of our service offerings.